Microsoft Adding Exchange ActiveSync To Hotmail

Microsoft has announced that its Exchange ActiveSync will be available for mobile users early next week.

The software giant is ready to roll out support for The Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) for the latest version of Hotmail on Monday, tech news site Softpedia has reported.

Dharmesh Mehta, group product manager of Windows Live at Microsoft told Cnet that support for EAS, which will allow users to access the Hotmail service via a push button on mobile phones, will be available next week.

“We can confirm that Exchange Active Sync will be available on Monday as part of the ongoing Windows Live updates for consumers. We will provide additional details on the Inside Windows Live blog when we release this on Monday,” said a spokesman for Microsoft.

The EAS support is being released as a part of Windows Live Hotmail 2011 update, however, no other added features have been revealed.