Microsoft To Broaden Access To SDL Docs

Microsoft has plans to broaden access to its exclusive security license for software development.

According to a report by Reuters, the software giant is planning to turn its license for the process of developing tools for securing a software into a common license for everyone, rather than exclusively for their registered developers.

The Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), an exclusive blueprint by Microsoft for integrating safe security practise into applications, may soon turn into a Creative Commons License (CCL), the company said on Thursday.

“Microsoft hopes this more open licensing will encourage developers to build upon the SDL and incorporate security and privacy throughout software development lifecycle,” said David Ladd, chief security programmer at Redmond in an e-mail.

According to Ladd, the initial files slated to come under the new license will be "Simplified Implementation of the Microsoft SDL" and "Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) – Version 5.0", which will be out in a few weeks time.