AMD Retires ATI Brand

Chip maker AMD has decided to drop the ATI brand from its range of graphic card products in a bid to re-brand the product line with its own logos.

Advanced Micro Devices had acquired ATI back in 2006 and since then, experts had been expecting AMD to axe the ATI brand. The speculations seemed to have subsided after AMD continued to offer graphic cards with the ATI logo.

However, now, the company has decided to forgo the brand name and has said that future graphics offering will bear the AMD Radeon logo instead of the ATI Radeon logo.

ATI is still one of the largest graphic chips makers in the world, maintaining a near decade-old rivalry with the "green" team, Nvidia.

However AMD said that the decision to axe the brand came after a series of consultations with some of the company's key partners; customers for example, said that they were more aware of the AMD brand than ATI.

In a statement, John Volkmann, the vice president of corporate marketing at AMD, told our sister website THINQ that "It's literally the standard battery of questions: Are you aware of this brand? Would you consider it? And then we ask a very specific form of a preference question."