Firefox mobile arrives on Android

Web browser company Mozilla has released the latest beta of their Fennec mobile phone browser for Android, which is built from the same technology found in their desktop browser.

Firefox mobile, codenamed Fennec, has gone into the latter stages of beta testing with this ‘alpha' release that's ready to download and use.

The browser is said to have access to similar adds-ons from its desktop based big brother, as it has the same overall design with a lot of the background features being ported across for continuity.

This alpha version does have the same look and feel to previous releases of the mobile phone web surfer, as this latest iteration of Fennec just builds on the code from the last version with an obvious view to improve the browser.

It's been noted the desktop Firefox and Fennec has reportedly been developed with a seamless browsing experience in mind, where the mobile phone based version has no learning curve needed if the computer one has been used.

There are even features in Fennec that solely benefits users of the desktop version. These are the likes of the built-in sync option, which provides over the air access to bookmarks, browser history and form data of the desktop iteration of Firefox.

Also released at the same time was the Nokia N900 version. Watch the video below for a more in-depth run through of both.


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