Google Aiming To Become Supplier Of Everything Web?

In the past few months, Mountain View, California-based Google Inc. shut down Wave, suffered a severe backlash due to improper privacy concerns attached with its Buzz Gmail social networking tool, but nothing could bring down its apparent drive for innovation and experiment.

Critics and rivals have put in their best efforts to pull down Google, but the search engine giant is not ready to bow down to any sort of criticism or accusations.

Google is making every possible attempt to become even more integrated in its users' social lives, John Kennedy of technology news website Silicon Republic suggests.

Back in July, the company made a huge strategic investment in gaming company Zynga, famous for Farmville on Facebook, and has made some important acquisitions including Jambool, Slide and Aardvark, to strengthen its foothold in the field of social networking.

Earlier this week, sources reported that Google is testing its Voice service on Gmail, followed by the launch of a new section in its YouTube video streaming service called YouTube Movies.

Interestingly, Google is working double-time to develop its web-based TV service, as it revealed information about testing a broadband internet service, which offers a speed of 1Gbps, in few American cities volunteering for the experiment.

Google’s Mobile platform, Android, is already scaling great heights to become one of the most popular OS amongst smartphone users worldwide.

Google is leaving no stone unturned to take over the telecommunication industry to become a global leader. However, how successful it becomes is yet to be seen.