Google Brings GPU Acceleration To Chrome 7

Google has revealed its plan to shift entire load of its web browser to the Graphic Processor Unit (GPU) of the computer to ensure a faster and better browsing experience.

In a document on its developers page, the company revealed that it has decided to use GPU acceleration to enhance the speed of its Chrome web browser, especially on websites that are heavy on graphics.

"There’s been a lot of work going on to overhaul Chromium’s graphics system" and that the browser will "begin to take advantage of the GPU to speed up its entire drawing model," Google told Conceivably Tech.

However, Google is not the only one to use GPU power to boost its applications; Adobe began to use GPU acceleration ever since it launched CS5 earlier this year.

In addition, Microsoft and Mozilla are soon expected to announce a similar feature on their forthcoming web browsers, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) and Mozilla’s Firefox 4 respectively.

One issue though is that some older computers or those with integrated graphics will not be able to use GPU acceleration fully.