Google Pays Homage To Mary Shelley With Spooky Doodle

Search engine giant Google has celebrated the birthday of popular British author Mary Shelley in its own special way, by dedicating a Doodle to Frankenstein's creator.

Google Doodle has creatively designed Google logos which are displayed to represent notable occasions from time to time, including quite a few for Sci-Fi authors like HG Wells.

However, Mary Shelley's doodle has been dubbed as the creepiest Google Doodle ever, with the traditional multicoloured Google logo replaced by an image of a worn-down room containing a series of scary looking paintings and a shadow of a ghostly figure.

Once the users placed their cursors on the image, a banner announcing Mary Shelley's 213th birthday appears.

Shelley - who died at the age of 53 after long suffering from a brain tumour - is considered to be one of the earliest pioneers of Gothic, Romantic and Sci-Fi fiction style of writing.

Born in 1797, she is the author of the 1818 novel "Frankenstein", which depicts the story of a scientist who creates a mechanical monster in the image of man.