LibDems FOI Request Shows Massive Data Losses Across Government

A Freedom of Information petition by the Liberal Democrats has revealed massive data losses in government organisations across the UK and Scotland.

According to the data disclosed, around 200 electronic devices have been stolen or lost in the first six months of this year.

The electronic devices, which contained sensitive customer and employee information, included laptops, PCs, USB pen drives and smartphones such as BlackBerry.

The ministers have been asked to 'get a grip' on the data losses and to regulate the handling of sensitive information more effectively.

Some of the major data losses have been credited to the Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Board, which had 20 PCs stolen from the Yorkhill children’s hospital, that contained sensitive patient information.

The NHS at Forth Valley reportedly lost files belonging to 56 patients and 107 employees, while the NHS Ayrshire and Arran reported five stolen laptops, that are said to have contained identifiable information on 100 drug addicts.

In a statement Justice spokesman Robert Brown MSP said that "Central government, local councils, NHS Boards and the police hold a great deal of information on all of us. Our data is in their hands and we need to know they are taking this responsibility seriously."