ONS Report Shows UK Internet Penetration May Have Plateaued

One of the interesting findings of the report published by the Office of Statistics has to do with the fact that the rate of growth of adults using the internet everyday is actually decreasing.

That figure stood at around 16.5 million adults in 2006 and reached just over 30 million in 2010; however, that's a mere 3.6 million (13 per cent) more compared to 19.6 per cent rise from 2008 to 2009.

This could well be an indication that the number of internet users in the UK is plateauing despite a renewed effort by the UK government to get more Britons online.

Even though one million fewer adults now say that they have never used the internet before, there's still a significant amount - around 9.2 million - that either do not want to use it altogether (39 per cent) or lack the skills necessary to use it comprehensively (21 per cent).

The ONS opinions survey did not say what were the reasons that prevented the last 40 per cent from using the internet but we guess that it might have something to do with geography.

A significant part of the UK population still lives in places with poor or no internet access.