Oxford English Dictionary Will Only Be Available Online

The 126-year old Oxford English Dictionary will not be made available in paperback but only in a digital form on the internet.

It seems that the OED too has been swayed by the rising popularity of the ebooks market and motivated by the dwindling sales figures, which have resulted in the Oxford University Press in claiming that the third edition of this dictionary might not be published at all.

A team of 80 lexicographers are working on the third edition of the dictionary since 1989 and till now only 28% of it has been completed.

The majority of the people prefer the digital version to the printed one which can be subscribed for $295 a year compared to the $1,165 printed paperback edition.

Nigel Portwood, chief executive of Oxford University Press, has said that the print market is slowly disappearing and the hard copy of the dictionary will not be published.

According to the Oxford University Press, the sales of the popular English dictionary have declining by 10 per cent every year for some time now.

However, an OUP spokesperson has claimed that the print version will be made available if there is a demand for it.