Apple To Combine Microphone With The Headphone Jack

A recently unearthed patent filing by iPhone maker Apple has hinted that the company is integrating the device's microphone with the headphone jack, thereby reducing the outlets through which moisture and dust can enter the device.

The patent details how the company has come up with a single connector which contains the receptors for both the headphone and the microphone.

This significant improvement in the design of Apple device will result in reducing the number of 'holes' on the devices.

The Apple patent explains that “The microphone may be at an end of the connector opposite the plug aperture or on a side of the connector adjacent the plug aperture. The connector allows a microphone to be added to a device, such as a mobile telephone, without the need for an additional external aperture.”

The document, which was filed by the company in 2009, joins the line of other design patents filed by the company in the last few weeks, which include a iOS-based, touchscreen iMac and an iBike.