Designer Integrates Mobile Phone In Little Black Dress

The classic Little Black Dress (LBD) has gone high on technology after a designer house turned it into a mobile phone dress complete with SIM card holder.

London-based fashion house CuteCircuit which specialises in wearable technology has unveiled a new version of the ever-green LBD that allows the lady wearing it to make and receive phone calls using gesture-recognition software.

According to technology website Mashable, the CuteCircuit outfit, dubbed as M-Dress, works as a mobile phone enabling users to receive a phone call by raising their hand to the ear.

Girls will only have to slip in their mobile phone SIM cars in the label of their outfit and the software gets activated right away. However, the dress phone will be able to make or receive calls from a couple of pre-set numbers.

"To allow women to stay connected while remaining stylish, CuteCircuit designed the M- Dress. A mobile phone in its own right but built out of soft circuitry.” read the website of dress manufacturer CuteCircuit.

The dress is not currently available for sale but given that the Armour Dress, also from Cutecircuit, sells for nearly $200 without any electronics sewn in, one can expect the mdress to fetch at least twice the price.