Furious Digg Users Promote Reddit To Front Page

Angry Digg users have managed to flood the social new sharing website's homepage with links from rival Reddit, protesting against the new version of the platform.

The new Digg, which was unveiled a few days back, comes with some core changes to its functionality and heavy designing.

According to the company, the platform has been redesigned to make it more social and new functionality has been added to simply news posting and sharing on it.

However, a significant number of Digg users have raised their voices against the revamped social site, claiming that the company is going the corporate way, giving more powerful tools to publishers rather than giving it to the users.

Many Digg users have changed their profile photos to reflect their anti-Digg agenda while some have declared today as the 'Abandon Digg Day'. One user has managed to post an automatic feed on Digg, that displays news links from its Conde Naste owned rival Reddit.

After that, the Digg-haters did some heavy 'up-voting' for the Reddit articles, enough to flood the homepage.