Google Adds Priority Inbox Feature To Gmail

The Gmail email service has been updated with a new feature which will allow users to prioritise the emails received by them everyday, one which unsurprisingly is called "priority inbox".

According to Google, the Priority Inbox feature will categorise the emails in four categories, namely, important, important and unread, starred items and everything else. This would allow users to dig through the emails they receive everyday, to read those which are important.

Experts believe that this would reduce the time employees spent looking for emails in their inboxes, thereby enhancing productivity; Priority inbox seems to be targeting what is commonly known as "bacn", emails that are not unsolicited but rarely read.

In a statement to BBC News, Gmail director Keith Coleman, said that “There are a lot of signals in any message that indicate importance. Basic indicators include if this message is from someone you write to a lot or reply to a lot. Another category is terms - if the word Viagra is in the message, it is indicative of junk mail.”

The search engine giant also informed that the new feature adapts to users emailing habits over a period of time, prioritising emails even more efficiently as time passes and acting like a personal assistant.