Google To Introduce Pay Per View On Youtube?

Google Inc. is negotiating with big Hollywood film production houses for a YouTube pay-per-view service which would feature the latest blockbuster Hollywood flicks.

Right after Google announced the addition of a new section, Movies, on its popular video streaming service YouTube, the search engine giant is now said to be in talks with big movie production houses to offer their hit films as a paying service and a concerted effort to monetise YouTube.

"Google and YouTube are a global phenomenon with a hell of a lot of eyeballs – more than any cable or satellite service. They’ve talked about how many people they could steer to this . . . it’s a huge number." a representative of Google told Financial Times.

The service, which will be first launched in the USA, has induced enthusiasm in the entire industry, as international studios have been seeking an appropriate escape from the dwindling DVD venture, that has been on a gradual decline over the years.

Google will be facing stiff competition from the likes of Netflix and Hulu, both of which are proposing slightly different solutions to the issue of consuming content online.