IBM Acquires Data Specialist Storwize

IBM has completed the acquisition of data compression technology maker Storwize.

The acquisition will allow Big Blue to improve its Systems and Software Group and will offer more efficient storage capabilities to its existing customers, IBM said in a statement.

Storwize, a privately held firm based in Marlborough, Massachusetts, develops technology which allows customers to reduce the storage space requirements by almost 80 percent, reducing costs and allowing data such as files, databases and images to be stored more efficiently.

In a statement to the press, Brian Truskowski, general manager of IBM System Storage and Networking said that “IBM is focused on helping clients reduce the cost and complexity of managing the vast amounts of data that are consistently growing year over year.”

The Storwize acquisition reflects how eager server makers are to incorporate advanced storage technologies to their product range.

Currently, computer makers HP and Dell, which are also into the server business, are sparring to acquire data storage technology maker 3PAR. Neither IBM nor Storwize have disclosed the financial details of the acquisition.