Myspace Now Allows Facebook Syncing

In an effort to retain its users, ailing social networking platform MySpace has introduced a new feature which would allow users to sync their status updates with Facebook.

According to the Associated Press, MySpace has announced a deal with social networking giant Facebook under which users, that have an account on MySpace and Facebook both, will be allowed to extract their updates and synchronise with Facebook, the Associated Press.

"This new sync functionality is part of an ongoing effort to make it simple for people to share their updates beyond MySpace and allow fans and friends to interact with that content across the Web," stated MySpace in a press release.

The website, which recently underwent an extensive revamp strategy for a richer look and feel, also allows its users to synchronise their data with micro blogging site Twitter.

The deal with Facebook will enable users to share their music, videos, pictures, games and many other things with friends on Facebook.

Ever since Facebook appeared on the scene two years ago, MySpace has struggled hard to maintain its userbase with various business strategies.

However, the current move is a clear indication that the company has decided to eliminate rivalry with Facebook and work together to co-exist.