Nintendo Set To Slash DSi Prices

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has decided to cut the prices of its Nintendo DSi and DSi XL gaming devices in a bid to boost the dwindling sales of the handheld consoles amidst the strengthening of the Japanese Yen.

The company informed that from September 12th, Nintendo DSi system will be available for $149.99 while the DSi XL device will retail at $169.99. However, the Nintendo DS Lite model will see no price change and can be purchased for the on-going price of $129.99.

In a statement, Cammie Dunaway, the executive vice president of sales and marketing at Nintendo America, said that “Our new Nintendo DSi prices make it easier than ever for consumers to access the tremendous variety of games, applications and social tools on the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL systems.

The price cuts come as Nintendo prepares for launching a 3D version of its Nintendo DS handheld gaming device in the European and US markets.

Experts believe that the strategic price cuts are an effort to improve the sales of the handheld devices. Recent data released by NDP Group informs that Nintendo sold only 510,000 DS units in June, while the number further declined to 398,000 units for the last month.