Samsung announces new Bada phone

South Korean electronics giant has unveiled another mobile phone running their own Bada operating system, the Samsung Wave 723.

The mobile phone manufacturer is bringing the OS and the phone to the masses, with a set of specifications to make it affordable. This latest handset from Samsung arrives with a 3.2-inch TFT LCD screen, instead of the Super AMOLED display that accompanied the first Samsung Wave S8500 Bada mobile - which keeps the costs down.

Samsung's own open source Bada platform runs the phone, in which the company is hoping it will give Android a run for its money. Samsung has toyed with many operating systems in the past, where they've even used Symbian and after Nokia had acquired the company behind it.

The Wave 723 arrives with a leather flip cover and is just 11.8mm thin, with a 5 megapixel camera, the 802.11n WIFI specification as standard and access to Samsung's own App Store.

Samsung's Wave 723 is due to be unveiled at Berlin's IFA in September, where Germany will be the first country to have that new handset on sale with other parts of Europe following on from there.

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