Samsung Flogs 1m Galaxy S In 45 Days

Samsung has revealed that the company has sold more than one million Galaxy S smartphones in the United States in one and a half months alone.

Consumer electronics maker Samsung has told that the company has managed to ship nearly one million handsets of its Galaxy S smartphone in the US in around 45 days, technology news website Daily Tech has reported.

"I am very pleased to announce that because of the support of our carrier partners and loyal customers, we have shipped one million Galaxy S devices in the U.S. market," stated Dale Sohn, president of Samsung Mobile, a South Korea-based company.

Sohn, who claims he is proud of the instant success brought by Galaxy S devices, revealed that the range will be displayed at the grand finale of the World Cyber Games in Los Angeles which is to be held between September 30 and October 3.

Samsung is also set to complement the Galaxy S range with a tablet device called the Galaxy Tab and a media player which has yet to be named.