Toshiba starts mass production of 24nm NAND

Japanese electronics giant Toshiba has started mass production of the world's smallest single-chip 64-gigabit memory modules today.

The Tokyo company hit the big green button on its 24nm plant, which will today start churning out the highest density 8GB NAND memory ever produced. 32Gb and 3 bit-per-cell products will be made using the same process in the near future.

The new products will also feature Toggle DDR technology which Toshiba says "enhances data transfer".

The teeny new slabs of silicon are expected to start turning up in smart phones, media players, tablet PCs and any other device which needs large chunks of memory in a small space.

The fact that Toshiba has announced the birth of the new modules a day before Apple is widely predicted to be announcing the smallest ever iPod Touch model, featuring a three-inch touch-screen, could be completely coincidental.