US OAPs Flocking To The Web Says Study

A study conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project has showed that the number of older Web users active on social networking platforms has doubled.

The Pew Study Center revealed that while social networking platforms continued to attract people of all ages, the number of people aged more than 50 years had increased exponentially, from 22 percent to 42 percent.

Senior Research Specialist Mary Madden at Pew observed in the report titled 'Older Adults and Social Media' that "Although e-mail continues to be the primary way that older users maintain contact with friends, families and colleagues, many users now rely on social network platforms to help manage their daily communications,"

The research revealed that the number of people on social networking aged 65 and above had increased more than doubled, while the number of people aged 50 to 64 years rose by 88 percent.

Meanwhile, the number of people aged 18 to 29 years accessing social networking platforms rose from 76 percent to 86 percent.