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Algerian Hackers Attack Wrong Website

A group of misinformed Algerian 'cyber-pirates' attacked the official website of the Belvoir Castle, mistaking it for the Belvoir Fortress in Israel.

The pirate group, known as Dz-SeC, hijacked the website and displayed anti-Jewish slogans in Arabic on the homepage, along with a picture of the Algerian national flag.

The Belvoir Castle, which acted as a Royalist stronghold during the English Civil War, now plays host to the annual teddy bears’ picnic. The Belvoir Fortress on the other hand, was initially a Christian military stronghold used for fending-off attacks from Muslim forces on the city of Jerusalem.

However, the fortress fell under Muslim control, which they later had to relinquish following a brutal attack by Israeli forces. The hacker group claims that the attack on the website was due to Israel's presence and thanked other Algerian pirates for contributing to the attack.

A spokesperson for the Belvoir Castle said in a statement to The Telegraph that “We've nothing to do with the Middle-East. I just help to organise the teddy bears' picnic. It does make more sense that they meant to target the fortress in Israel rather than the castle in Leicestershire.” monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.