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Algerian Hackers Attack Wrong Website

A group of misinformed Algerian 'cyber-pirates' attacked the official website of the Belvoir Castle, mistaking it for the Belvoir Fortress in Israel.

The pirate group, known as Dz-SeC, hijacked the website and displayed anti-Jewish slogans in Arabic on the homepage, along with a picture of the Algerian national flag.

The Belvoir Castle, which acted as a Royalist stronghold during the English Civil War, now plays host to the annual teddy bears’ picnic. The Belvoir Fortress on the other hand, was initially a Christian military stronghold used for fending-off attacks from Muslim forces on the city of Jerusalem.

However, the fortress fell under Muslim control, which they later had to relinquish following a brutal attack by Israeli forces. The hacker group claims that the attack on the website was due to Israel's presence and thanked other Algerian pirates for contributing to the attack.

A spokesperson for the Belvoir Castle said in a statement to The Telegraph that “We've nothing to do with the Middle-East. I just help to organise the teddy bears' picnic. It does make more sense that they meant to target the fortress in Israel rather than the castle in Leicestershire.”