Aussie PS3 owner loses Other OS case

An Australian man who took Sony to court over the removal of the Install Other OS feature of the PlayStation 3 games console has lost his case.

Michael Treblicock went after the Japanese electronics giant on his own, despite a plethora of class actions suits currently being prepared against the company, which might have set a dangerous legal precedent.

Treblicock insisted that Sony should give him AUD $850 as compensation for no longer being able to install Linux on his games machine after the company withdrew the heavily advertised feature "for security reasons".

Treblicock said he had downloaded and installed the console-crippling firmware update, which was released on April 1st 2010, because he thought reports of the removal of the Other OS function were an April Fool's joke, according to Gamepron.

Sony has always insisted that the Install Other OS software was an 'added feature' and that its removal was covered by the console's End User agreement.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission cleared Sony of any wrongdoing regarding the upgrade, and the claim was dismissed.

We'd love to know how much Sony spent in legal fees to have the £500 claim thrown out of court.