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Live blog of Apple music event

Apple's live event starts in one minute. Stay tuned and refresh regularly.

The event is taking place at the YBCA Theatre and not at the Cupertino Campus as we said earlier. Our bad.

Steve strides onto the stage in his usual garb and introduces Steve Wozniak in the audience. Strange.

He's talking about the new Paris Apple Store. Took 18 months to restore. Mentions second store in China, opened recently in Shanghai. 40 foot high glass cylinder. Where's this going?

Gets onto Covent Garden Store in London. All three stores have been a great success. Covent Garden is the 300th store in ten countries. Store opening soon in Spain. Some stores have over 1 million visitors a day.

Steve is talking about 120 million iOS devices shipped. Apple is activating 230,000 iOS devices a day. Says others are counting upgrades. 6.5 billion Apps have been downloaded from the App Store. 600 a second. Whoops and cheers.

Announces the release of iOS 4.1. Proximity sensor bug is fixed as well as bluetooth and mail.

High Dynamic Range Photography

Jobs introduces High Dynamic range photos. Takes three pics in rapid succession. Basically its exposure bracketing for those who know about photography. Makes a best guess at the best exposure by combining the three.

Compensates for backlighting and dense shadows. Example pics look pretty impressive.

Game Centre

Multi player games allow you to challenge friends (or find friends if you don't have any). Has leader boards and achievements.

Two guys whose name I missed are up plugging an impressive looking game. Extremely smooth 3D first person adventure job. Lots of combat. Little guy beats big guy. Much whooping. Oh the game was called Project Sword and the dude was Mike Capps.

iOS 4.1 will available next week but Steve is now talking about iOS 4.2. He says it's "all about iPad."

Adding wireless printing and "something reall cool called airplay." Will allow streaming of photos and video as well as music over wi-fi.

Steve is demonstrating multi-tasking on the iPad, listening to music, checking emails and browsing the web simultaneously.

He's now looking at folders on the iPad which is pretty much the same as on the iPhone. Meh. iOS 4.2 coming in November. Free update for all devices (including iPod Touch).

New iPods

Apple has sold 275 million iPods (oh please stop whooping it's embarrassing).

There is a new design for every model in the line-up. Biggest refresh ever.

Shuffle is first up and Steve is going through the history. Blah blah.

New iPod shuffle has buttons, Voicover and playlists. "And it's really small." Back to the little square shape of the 3rd gen Shuffle. People obviously missed the buttons. Works with genius mixes. 15 hours of music. In five different colours for $49.

iPod Nano is smaller and better according to Steve. Click wheel is gone and new Nano has multi-touch. Square format as we predicted. Has a clip on the back like the Shuffle. 46 per cent smaller and 42 per cent lighter than the last version. FM radio and 24 hour battery life. Can be worn like a watch which is pretty cool. Screen rotates using two fingers. Comes in seven colours. Red one gives some cash to the Global Fund.

iPod Touch is next. Most popular iPod. Has become the number one portable game player in the world. More grown men whooping. Outsells Nintendo and Sony portables combined. 1.5 Billion games downloaded to Touch devices.

The new iPod Touch is even thinner, and has a flatter back. And it has the Retina Display. Powered by the Apple A4 chip and three axis gyro. Front facing camera allows Facetime video and rear facing camera does HD video recording. Runs the iMovie App for editing on the device.

8GB is $229, 32GB for $299 and 64GB for $399. Available for pre-order right now and shipping next week!

Steve steps off stage for a wee break and new iPod ads are shown. The new Nano really is rather nice.

iTunes 10

11.7 billion songs, 450 million TV episodes, 100 million movies... the numbers are impressive.

New logo ditches the CD as no-one buys them any more.

Steve is talking about discovery... how you find new music, how to find out what your friends are listening to. Ping is the new social network for music. Facebook meets iTunes.

(At this point he feed has a bit of a meltdown, reverts to the beginning of the broadcast and causes all sorts of confusion here at THINQ.)

By the time we get back on track Steve is talking about Apple TV and 99 cent TV episode rentals.

But it looks like it's all tied to Netflix which is not a lot of use for us UK punters. Sure there will be a British equivalent but none is mentioned so far.

Apple TV also uses the new streaming technology we mentioned before to stream video from an iPhone or iPad using Wi-Fi. Will it hit the predicted $99? Yes.

Looks like Apple will take a hit on the hardware knowing that it will rake in the cash from iTunes downloads. Razors and blades, if you will. Apple TV coming within four weeks.

Blimey. Coldplay are about to play live. Steve is blowing smoke up their collective bottoms.

Ah... it's just Chris Martin. Says the rest of the band didn't come because they are too lazy. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.