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Motorola launches tough mobile

Moto has launched a hardy handset named Defy, which can cope with life's little knocks and scrapes in a much more resilient way than most phones.

The Motorola Defy is water resistant and dust proof, where getting sand in the phone, spilling some drink or being in the rain won't render the phone useless and unusable - according to the manufacturer.

Samsung and Sonim are well known for their existing ranges of tough phones, such as the Samsung Rugby and the Sonim XP series with this being Motorola's first venture into this market.

The mobile has an IP rating of 67, which means it's both dust tight and can be immersed in 1 metre of water whilst still being operable - where other mobiles that pride themselves on durability aren't as invulnerable.

Defty is accompanied by a Corning Gorilla 3.7-inch touch screen display, which is also scratch resilient to a degree and aids in the handset's toughness as a whole.

On board is the CrystalTalk plus technology that intelligently filters out background noise and amplifies the voice, with the aid of two microphones where there's no need to shout in noisy environments.

The phone is run from Google's mobile Android 2.1 'Éclair' OS, with their own MotoBlur overlay to the platform that brings in social networking, messaging and email feeds on to the home screen whilst offering up security measures too.

Motorola Defy is due out in Q4 this year, with no prices as yet announced or any networks mentioned that will be carrying the handset.

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Rob Kerr
Rob Kerr

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