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Windows Phone 7 goes gold

Microsoft's much awaited mobile phone operating system has just been signed off and released to manufactures, for the handset makers to start testing and readying for the arrival on their devices later on in the year.

The Windows Phone team announced in a blog post they've just reached this milestone in the development of the platform, where the OS is now with the companies responsible for the hardware in which the final version of the OS will be rolled out upon.

Mobile phone makers will now start testing this final build of the mobile phone OS on their hardware, just as they have done since every build was passed to them - only now the platform is complete and is ready for the launch around November time.

Microsoft has already been testing the OS on a reported 10,000 devices, with over 8,500,000 hours of testing already logged. MS has also had thousands of software companies and early adopters testing out Windows Phone 7 to arrive at the stage.

Their last milestone was announced when they reached the Technical Preview, where they met with the press and aired the OS in its near complete stage.

Windows Phone 7 is now ready to roll, where mobile phone manufactures such as LG, HTC and Samsung will be announcing their handsets any time soon.

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Rob Kerr
Rob Kerr

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