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Apple Censored Lady Gaga's Controversial Tweets

Apple unleashed a highly social version of its iTunes music management software during a press event in San Francisco and while spamming is already starting to be an issue, another worrying one has raised its head.

During the unveiling of Ping, Apple used pop sensation Lady Gaga's Twitter page to demonstrate how Ping will work and the global music icon has already amassed more than 135,000 followers.

However, according to ReadWriteWeb, Apple censored a string of Tweets from the controversial singer, related to US anti-gay marriage legislation, Proposition 8.

At least three Lady Gaga Tweets in protest of the highly debated legislation had been removed by Apple during the presentation, something that's . This had left people wondering about Apple stance about gay rights and how it perceives the whole issue.

Commentators says that Apple censoring content is nothing new and it remains to be seen whether Apple will actively monitor and censor feed contents on Ping. Others says that they could have gone for sanitised Teen sensation, Justin Bieber, if they wanted a PG-13 star. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.