Facebook Rolls Out Remote Logout

Social networking giant Facebook has rolled out a new security feature for its users, which would allow them to remotely logout devices from which they accessed their Facebook account.

In a blog post, the company explained that if users forget to logout from their account after accessing from a public computer or any other device, they can now remotely logout from a control center added to their account.

The new control center will provide a whole list of mobile or desktop devices that are logged on to a user's Facebook account. The list will contain the type of device along with the web browser and operating system used to access Facebook. Users will be able to see the tentative location of the device as well.

Additionally, the new feature can also be used by Facebook users to find out whether their account is being accessed by spammers or hackers to spread spam messages or compromised links from their account or not. Facebook has offered an 'end activity' button, which will instantly result in an "account logout".

Other online service providers like Gmail offer a similar feature given that a number of users tend to access web services from more than one computer.