Oracle Debuts New Netra Servers

In a bid to buildon Sun Microsystems highly successful Netra brand, Oracle has added two new server offerings to its product line.

The two new Netra servers have been designed specifically for companies operating in the telecom sector, allowing them to manage the ever-increasing data on their network and continue to offer high-end services to customers at the same time.

The first of the two servers, Sun Netra CP3270 ATCA Server, is an x86 blade server which comes with 32GB of memory and is designed for enhanced application performance. The blade server also comes with low power and cooling needs, thereby reducing costs, thanks to Intel's Xeon architecture.

The Sun Netra X4270 Server, on the other hand, can run up to eight processors and 18 DIMM slots; as expected, the server is designed to run on Oracle OSes (Solaris, VM and Enterprise Linux) and other virtualisation infrastructure software.

“Communications service providers are under constant pressure to increase operational efficiency and maximize revenue,” said Dan Ford, the vice president for product marketing at Oracle Communications.