Twitter Helping Dialects To Survive

Experts believe that social networking platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, have led to the rebirth of traditional lingo in the United Kingdom.

According to the Telegraph, a study has revealed that increasing use of Internet platforms such as social networking platforms and Instant Messaging, dialects which were once restricted to particular regions have managed to influence the web users across the country, breaking regional barriers.

"Dialects were traditionally passed on relatively slowly through spoken language,Twitter, but Facebook and texting all encourage speed and immediacy of understanding, meaning users type as they speak, using slang, dialect respellings and colloquialisms” stated Dr Eric Schleef, lecturer in English sociolinguistics at The University of Manchester.

Interestingly, Queen's colloquialisms, once restricted to the understanding of Britons residing in Manchester, London, Newcastle, has spread fast in other parts of the country, thanks to widespread use of Facebook and Twitter to communicate with friends around the UK.