iOS 4.1 Available Already Direct From Apple!

The forthcoming iPhone OS 4.1 is already available for download for developers and those courageous enough to tinker with their portable media players or their iPhone.

The iOS 4.1 Gold Master Candidate (Build 8B117) was originally available only to those with a developer login at Apple's iOS Dev Center but the 520MB file is now available to download from Apple itself.

The iOS, which was released to devs on the 1st of September, is compatible with the iPhone 4, 3G, 3GS, iPod Touch 2G and iPod Touch 3G and should be available to users next week.

Apple did confirm the release of the iOS 4.1 for the 8th of September on Apple UK before reverting back to a "coming soon" message.

The launch of the new update will coincide with the launch of the iPod Touch 4G which can make full use of the new functionality in iOS 4.1; these include new iTunes features (Ping), Game Center, iTunes TV show rental, multi tasking, folders, iBooks etc.

The update will add HDR photography, 5x Digital zoom, HD video uploads to the iPhone 4. Expect iOS 4.1 to be officially rolled out by Monday 13th.