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£650 Samsung Galaxy Tab vs £65 iPad Knockoff Tablet

Here's an interesting tidbit, you could buy 10 of iPad Knockoff tablets online from a number of Chinese manufacturers for the suggested price of one Samsung Galaxy Tab.

We've purchased two of them recently (eating one's own dog food) and it turned out that the noname tablet is a mixed bag when it comes to quality and performance (see photos below).

Both the Galaxy tab and our tablet have 7-inch touchscreen displays; the former has a resolution of 1024x600 while the later is restricted to 800x480 pixels, on less responsive resistive screen.

Interestingly, a lower resolution means that the Noname tablet will be compatible with all the apps on the marketplace by default without any ugly resizing.

It does come with a surprising amount of free application like an ebook reader, a file browser, Fring, a camcorder App and a video player.

Both run Google Android but different versions, Android OS 2.2 For the Samsung and the old OS 1.6 for the Noname brand from Focalprice ($99.69 here with Free Shipping (opens in new tab)).

The rest of the configuration of the Noname tablet (actually named CE009W) is made up of a 600Mhz ARM-based processor from VIA, the MW8505, 128MB RAM, 2GB onboard storage, 802.11n Wi-Fi, UCWeb Browser and a microSD card reader.

Ours came with a webcam (which is not mentioned in the description) and there's a pair of speakers and a microphone. We briefly tested the tablet and found it to be reasonably fast for the price with a battery life of around 150 minutes.

Understandably, the packaging is not up to Apple's standard and Focalprice sent us a 2-pin US adaptor rather than a three-pin UK one and the documentation is very thin to say the least.

Don't expect it to win awards for performance or looks but given that some digital photo frames are more expensive (opens in new tab) that this tablet, it is a good deal.

Sadly for us, we found out that there are better models available for not much more; the LY-706 from Focalprice (opens in new tab) comes with twice the amount of memory, a 1.3-megapixel front camera, USB ports, all for $104.90, a price that goes down to $98.08 when purchase in lots of 10.

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