AMD Radeon HD 6350 gets a showing

Chinese site Chiphell has snuck out some detailed photos of what they are calling an AMD Radeon HD 6350 GPU, otherwise known as Caicos.

The photos show an engineering sample of the card, fully functional it seems, with four pieces of Hynix RAM (HTQ2G63BFR, 2Gb of 800MHz DDR3 each), an engineering sample of the 40nm Caicos, DVI and what looks like HDMI, on a low-profile card. Power-wise, it's a simpler affair with no extra power required, so power circuitry covers the bare necessities.

The card will be hamstrung by its 64-bit memory bus, of course, as is standard in this class of card. Its 1GB of DDR3 memory is an exercise in futility... you won't be able to run anything at a high enough resolution that will come close to using that amount of memory. It does give you some sort of bragging rights. Core clock is said to be 650MHz while memory clock is 800MHz.

As is usual in the very low-end, these cards are aiming for adding connectivity and basic functionality to your PC - in this case these come in the form of UVD3 and 3D Bluray, which, considering the layout of the card increasingly looks like an HTPC offering. Especially if you consider the shocking pink passive heatsink on top of the GPU.

Despite it's limited expected performance, this litty piggy still manages to kick it's HD 5450 predecessor by about 30 per cent in 3DMark Vantage, according to the Chiphell post.

It is unusual, very unusual, for AMD to focus on anything but the performance segment when launching a new range of cards. They usually start with the high-end x800 parts and work their way down from there, with the very low-end turning up a couple of weeks (or more) later.

Of course these can simply be leaks, but if this pans out, and the bottom of the range is ready, then we might be looking at AMD's frontal assault at all price points in late October.

You can see more pics of the card here.