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Apple Cleans Spam From Ping

Apple has removed all spam messages posted on its Ping musical social network.

The company has also introduced several tweaks to the interface, designed to allow for better navigation on the service. The company has added 'forward' and 'back' buttons to the interface, allowing users to navigate more easily from page to page.

According to Apple Insider, the iTunes social network was flooded with spam messages, posted on both the comments section and profile pages of popular artists, that redirected users to fake surveys.

Apple's Ping clean-up drive has also resulted in the removal of several fake profile pages, created by users posing as a number of Apple executives, including CEO Steve Jobs and designer Jony Ive.

Ping has been criticised by security experts for the lack of anti-spam security barriers, allowing spammers to flood the social network with spam messages.

On Friday Apple announced that Ping had gained over one million users within two days of its launch. Eddy Cue, Apple vice president of internet services, said that the service has been joined by more than one-third of all iTunes 10 users.