Google TV Service To Launch In US Within Months, Go Global In 2011

Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, has confirmed at the IFA event that the search giant will be launching its Google TV service in the US this autumn and globally in 2011.

Google TV will offer the full internet browsing experience on large size displays and will be offered for free to manufacturers, using a familiar strategy that helped it popularise Android in the mobile market.

The service is expected to be available on a number of platforms, either as standalone set top boxes, embedded in television sets and potentially as a web-based service either for computers and/or smartphones.

Logitech, Sony and Intel are amongst some of the partners listed by Google with some rumours pointing to Samsung joining in as well in a move that looks similar to the Open Handset Alliance.

Schmidt said that Google will work with content providers and that it was very unlikely that they will get into actual content production.

Six days ago, Apple's Steve Jobs launched a new version of the Apple TV which the company hopes will help it capture a bigger share of the estimated $180 billion TV advertising pie worldwide.

Apple hasn't yet confirmed whether it will port its iAd advertising platform to the Apple TV but this is likely to be in the pipeline.