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Orange updates pay as you go rewards

Orange has announced they have revamped the rewards given out to pay as you go users, to encourage regular top ups.

The new benefits to Orange prepay customers extend what is already on offer, when the phone is regularly charged - with money.

The Monkey tariff is geared up for music lovers with free access to music online, where for the first time this plan rewards users that top up with just £5 a month. The new rewards are in the flavour of free text messages and a daily internet pass, with a cap of 2MB a day.

Orange's Canary users can now benefit from free 100 evening and weekend text or picture messages, when they top up £10. This is in addition to the free 100 minutes of evening and weekend calls, which is already a part of the package.

Racoon tariff on Orange has been updated to offer the flat call rate of 12p a minute, which is the lowest cost Orange has to offer. The previous fixed rate for calling was 15p a minute, with a saving of £1.80 per hour of calling.

The Camel plan can now offer up to 240 minutes to over 50 countries, if the phone owner tops up by £30. This tariff is ideal for people that do call overseas often, where Orange has now opened up the plan to be a monthly tariff as well.

One Mobile Ring was recently informed when the dust settles on Everything Everywhere, T-Mobile will be focussed towards the business user and Orange will be focussing on the consumer. This announcement will certainly benefit their new possible remit, with the consumer being a high percentage of pay as you go users.

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Rob Kerr
Rob Kerr

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