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PlayStation 3 update kills PSJailbreak hacks

Sony has pushed a firmware update for its PlayStation 3 games console which eradicates recent hacks.

The 3.42 release 'includes additional security features' according to Sony, but it appears that the mandatory upgrade does nothing more than close the door on so-called 'jailbreak' hacks which override the console's security to allow users to play homebrew games, install unapproved software and run back-up versions of game discs from a hard drive. Some people may even use the hacks to play pirated titles - heaven forbid - but all of the coders involved in the security shenanigans of course vehemently deny that that was ever their intention.

The PSJailbreak first appeared on a USB dongle sold for around £100 by a couple of Aussie sites, but injunctions from Sony soon led to cease and desist orders, which meant the hack code was soon flying around the web in an open source file. Anyone with a spare $18 and a bit of computing knowledge could then build their own PS3 jailbreak dongle.

Sony has temporarily slammed the door on the PSJailbreak, PSGroove and PSFreedom hacks but the developers behind the hack are confident that it's only a matter of time before a new variant is released.

We can't remember the last time Sony actually added anything of any use to a PS3 firmware update.

Anyone keen to keep their homebrew-capable PS3 in working order is advised to steer well clear of the update, which is currently being seeded through the console's Network Update function.

Failure to install the update will almost certainly lead to excommunication from the PlayStation Network.