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Samsung Showcases Dual Core A9 Processor

Samsung has brought out a new "Application processor" that combines a pair of 1Ghz ARM Cortex A9 cores and called it Orion, the name of a giant hunter in the Greek mythology.

The new processor will compete with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon, the Nvidia Tegra 2 and the new TI OMAP 4 SoCs as well. Samsung's Orion is said to be significantly more powerful than the current breed of Hummingbird family.

Expected to be spearheading Samsung's range by the end of the year, the 45nm SoC comes with 1MB L2 cache and incorporates a number of "advanced multimedia features" but also packs a video encoder/decoder that supports 30FPS video playback and full HD recording at 1080p.

Samsung disclosed that the new GPU in the Orion is five times more powerful than the 3D Performance of the current generation but did not elaborate on the finer details.

We do know though that Orion will support Sata and eMMC natively as well as low-power DDR2 and three and the ability to display content on up to three displays simultaneously.

Add HDMI and GPS support in there and Samsung may well have a compelling solution in the pipeline; what's even more interesting is the successor of the Apple A4 (A5??) will almost certainly be Orion Based.