£60 D-Link Powerline 200 Mbps Ethernet Adapter Kit with 4 Port Switch

The D-Link DHP-343 Powerline HD 4-Port Starter Kit uses your home’s existing electrical wiring to create a network or extend your existing network. Every contiguous power outlet becomes a potential network port for easily connecting digital media devices, game consoles, print servers, computers and network storage devices throughout your home.

The DHP-343 is capable of delivering data transfer rates of up to 200Mbps. This rapid transmission speed is suitable for bandwidth-intensive applications such as HD video streaming, VoIP calls, and lag-free online gaming experiences.

In addition, the DHP-343’s Quality of Service (QoS) technology prioritizes Internet traffic, ensuring that multimedia applications will not experience performance degradation while web surfing and file downloads are in progress.

D-Link’s Powerline 4-Port HD Starter Kit plugs directly into a wall outlet. Four LAN ports allow you to connect multiple Ethernet devices and network them with other powerline adapters throughout the home. The network ID on the device can be quickly and conveniently configured at the push of a button. 3DES data encryption protects the powerline network from intruder wire-tapping.

Get the D-Link Powerline 200Mbps Ethernet Adapter kit from Amazon for £60 delivered.