A5 SoC In Apple iPhone 5 To Use Samsung Orion?

Yesterday, Samsung announced the availability of the new Orion application processor, one which is set to replace the Hummingbird as the one which will be used in next year's high end smartphones.

The new generation of Apple products - iPod Touch, iPhone 4, Apple TV and iPad - uses the A4 processor, which is itself based on the current Hummingbird.

It is likely therefore that Apple will use the new Orion next year as the underlying technology that will be at the core of the A5 SoC and of the iPhone 5.

Samsung has already confirmed that Orion will be available to customers as from October 2010 which means that Apple engineers may well have received the blueprint of the chip already to tinker with.

Orion is likely to be significantly more powerful than the Hummingbird because it is not only built on the next iteration of Cortex, the A9, but also packs two cores, instead of one.

Ultimately, the fact that most high-end smartphones will run on dual core application processors by this time next year might be the main argument behind a concerted move by Apple to a dual core environment.

One can expect Apple to bring in a few more tricks to squeeze performance out of the SoC, courtesy of engineers from the two semiconductor companies it acquired, and to downclock the Orion significantly from its current 1Ghz speed.