Cisco And Itron Partner For Smart-Grid Networking

Cisco has teamed up with Itron to develop a sophisticated Internet Protocol based communications platform for smart-grids.

According to the agreement, the power meter technology maker Itron will develop the communication platform along with Cisco, and will be incorporated with Cisco's Network Interface Cards and other enterprise networking equipment.

Cisco said that the platform will be standard based and will use IPv6 technology instead of the currently used IPv4.

As well as Itron, Cisco plans to offer the smart-grid communication platform to other smart grid and utility metering technology makers.

A smart-grid system allows utility services providers to supply energy in a consistent and reliable manner by establishing a superior connection between wired and wireless networks.

In a statement, Laura Ipsen, smart grid general manager, said: “It's an end-to-end approach to smart-grid architecture [that can] manage constrained energy resources. It's a major step forward to the realisation of a modern, more intelligent energy infrastructure.”