Cooler Master launches tiny laptop power supply

If you've ever owned a laptop with a power supply the size and weight of a house brick, then Cooler Master's latest offering could well be vying for space in your man bag (or handbag if you're a lady, of course).

The snappily-named USNA 95 offers a full 95 watts of juicy goodness for your laptop in a case about the size of a fag packet, and it'll charge all of your other USB gizmos as well.

It has a smart LED to tell you when your battery is in tip top condition and comes with nine colour-coded tips which cover the portable PCs made my most manufacturers.

The power supply smart switches between 110 and 240 volts for jet setters and measures just 62 x 17 x 104mm.

Pricing is unknown at time of writing but it will need to be under the £25 mark to create a buzz (baboom - tish).