Google Demos Live Speech Translator For Android

Google has demonstrated a live speech translator for Android at the IFA conference in Berlin, Germany.

The search giant showcased a live speech translation via two Android smartphones. The demo featured translations from English to German and vice versa, tech news site The Inquirer reports.

The experimental Google application, which was showcased by Google product management director Hugo Barra, performed a live speech translations so that two users, speaking two different languages, could communicate with each other.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said: “Live translate is the next logical succession, and may be possible in the future.” No release date for the app was mentioned as it is still in its developmental stage.

The company also demonstrated a voice search application, which will allow users to perform Web searches just by speaking in to their cellphones.

Hugo Barra demonstrated the application by using the phrase "navigate to a museum with Egyptian stuff". The application provided him with the location and details about Berlin's Pergamon Museum.