Google Enables OpenID Log-In For Yahoo Users

Google has is now allowing Yahoo users to sign-in to Google services by using OpenID.

By using the OpenID technology, Yahoo users will be able to sign-in and access Google services such as Gmail, Docs, Google Groups and Google Reader, logging-in with their Yahoo ID.

In a blog post, Google explained that when Yahoo users sign-in to Google using their Yahoo ID, they will be redirected to Yahoo for verification.

When users click the verification button, Yahoo will ask them for their consent for sharing their ID with Google. If they accept, users can begin to access Google services.

According to Google, the OpenID log-in will allow users to avoid lengthy verification process they have to undergo every time they create a new account.

Google has said that it is planning to expand this to other sites using OpenID in the future.

The move is a part of the OpenID initiative, undertaken by several e-mail services providers, to ensure one ID log-in across the Web.