IBM Unveils New Global Water-Management Projects

IBM has announced a list of projects aimed at cleaning drinking water across the globe.

According to a report published by Market Watch, earlier this week IBM launched four projects in different parts of the world to create drinkable water. According to the company, clean water is only available in scarce quantities to least 1.2 billion people round the world.

IBM plans to harness the potential of its computer owners, constituting the World Community Grid to help engineers, scientists and researchers, to tackle the grave issue.

The company has launched its first project, Watershed Sustainability, in partnership with the University of Virginia on the Cheasapeake Bay.

The second project, Computing For Clean Water, is to be undertaken in partnership the Tsinghua University in China.

The third project is in Brazil, in collaboration with FIOCRUZ Minas, and is aimed at reducing the risk of schistosomiasis, a potentially fatal disease that spreads through dirty water.