iPod Nano iWatch Concept Image Emerges

The iPod Nano is so tiny that it can apparently be used as a watch something that someone in Japan had the wonderful idea to add a watch strap to the new iPod Nano and call it watch.

Kei Ogikubo took the picture on the 2nd of September, hours after Steve Jobs officially launched the device, so it is a bit of a mystery as to how he managed to get his hands on the device.

Steve Jobs said at last week's event that one of Apple's directors was going to wear the iPod Nano as a watch, an easy task given that it has a clock and is a born-multitasker.

Expect a number of Chinese manufacturers to come up with a bewildering array of all sorts of straps for what could become the new Swatch in 2010. The iPod Nano comes in seven colours to choose from and all have a belt clip which should make it easy to change straps.

Obviously, the only few problems are that the iPod Nano is not waterproof yet, that it has a crappy battery life (compared to a normal watch) and that unlike its bigger brothers, it does not seem to come with the Corning Gorilla glass.

Still, it may well be the coolest watch on the market by the end of the year, one that can play music, display photos and play radio even if it can't do video or make phone calls.