KFA2 lets loose GTX 460 SLI pack

KFA2, the Galaxy-backed, purveyor of non-reference Nvidia wares in Europe has released a bundle that will make some rich enthusiast's day: a double-whammy of overclocked GTX 460 cards.

Being the Nvidia-exclusive brand that it is, KFA2 not only comes up with non-reference designs to draw in the enthusiasts, but also bundles that make most gamers water at the mouth.

In this case, the bundled cards are mildly overclocked to 700MHz and have 2x1GB of 924MHz GDDR5 memory (3896MHz) running on a 256-bit memory bus. Not too much to make your box a radiator, but enough to make it feel like premium kit.

With SLI scaling reaching increases of - on average - 80 or so per cent, there is no real reason not to go for this type of solution. Considering that an SLI GTX 460 setup will easily outgun a single GTX 480, only cheaper, you're sacrificing a bit of motherboard/tower real-estate to fit a second dual-slot card.

The obvious question is "why hasn't this been done before"? Well, because it's simpler to buy two off-the-shelf and still be able to break down units in the warehouse, than building a SKU from the bottom up.

Still, the proposal is - to say the least - tempting.