Microsoft To Introduce Special Edition Xbox 360 250GB Console

Microsoft has announced that it will be selling a special edition of its Xbox 360 250GB gaming console starting from the day the Kinect goes live, on the 10th of November, and for a limited period.

The package, which carries a suggested retail price of £299.99, includes a Kinect Sensor, the gaming console and a copy of the Kinect Adventures game. The Kinect for Xbox 360 will be presented at next week's Tokyo Game Show where Microsoft is set to reveal more games that make use of the controller.

The new gaming console comes with a 250GB hard disk, a brand new design, new upgraded hardware with a new SoC that brings together the CPU, the GPU and the eDRAM on a single die thanks to a 45nm manufacturing process.

There's also a number of USB ports, built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi, touch sensitive controls and for some reason, Microsoft seems to be stressing on the fact that the hard drive is removable.

More than 15 games will be available at launch for the Kinect motion controller peripheral although most of them will be aimed at family gamers rather than the core players that make up most of the Xbox 360 audience.