Microsoft's Xbox 360 Special Edition Kinect UK Bundle Cheapest Yet

Microsoft revealed today that it would be selling a special version of its Xbox 360 250GB Slim console together with the Kinect motion controller and the Kinect adventure game for £299.99 and you're unlikely to find the bundle cheaper on the market. has the Xbox 360 250GB black console on sale for a mere £184.85 with free delivery, a seven per cent discount on the recommended retail price.

It is a significant improvement over the previous Xbox 360 gaming console, coming with refreshed hardware, a slimmer and better looking chassis, built-in WiFi, a removable 250GB hard disk drive and native support for Kinect.

The cheapest Kinect we found is the one for sale at, which comes in at £124.86 including free delivery. It means that it will cost someone £10 extra to get both devices separately; in other words, Microsoft seems to be subsidising the Kinect by at least £10.

Since the bundle price is a limited edition, it is likely to drop in price by then and the fact that it is only a tenner cheaper than the cheapest deals on the market means that gamers are likely to prefer buying the Xbox 360 gaming console on its own and invest, at a later stage in the Kinect.